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Instant Spell Set

Instant Spell Set

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Ready instant candle spells. In all you'll need a plate so worth buying something cute.
Free delivery in UK (standard service 48hrs).
Really easy candle spells, shopping list on side, most of the ingredients are included.
All have simple instructions to follow.

1. Broken Heart Spell Set - £6.00
2. Call Back Your Dark Feminine Power Spell Set - £5.00
3. Cleanse Negativity Spell Set - £6.00
4. Debt Free Spell Set - £5.00
5. Invite Someone Back Into Your Life Spell Set - £5.00
6. Job Promotion Spell Set - £5.00
7. Money Manifesting Spell Set - £5.00
8. Reconciliation Of Relationship Spell Set - £5.00
9. Send Someone A Love Message Spell Set - £6.00
10. Simple Wish Spell Set - £5.00

Remember, real magick is in you!

Please note all spices are not to be used in kitchen / not to be consumed.

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